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Weepet Dry Shampoo 75g

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Weepet Dry Shampoo 75g

Dry Shampoo for small animals

With Tea Tree Oil, a 100% natural antiseptic against bacterial and fungal infections. Weepet Dry shampoo provides instant relief to small animals by calming inflamed, irritated and itchy skin.

WeePet Dry Shampoo is safe and simple to use, just sprinkle all over coat, avoiding the eyes and ears. Brush or comb thoroughly to ensure the powder is distributed evenly. For best results, use 2-3 times a week or may be used as often as required for the following indication:

- Cleanses, conditions and Calm inflamed, irritated and itchy skin
- Controls unpleasant odours in one easy application
- Absorbs dirt and excessive skin oils
- Your pets will feel refresh, smell and look better after the quick dry bath
- Cleanses, remove harmful bacteria and deodorise your pets’ bedding, such as pillows, foam beds and blankets
- Can be mixed with Chinchilla’s bath sand to enhance the cleaning by removing harmful bacteria and deodorize

Talcum, Zinc oxide, Tea Tree Oil (Malaleuca alternifolia and Aloe Vera.)