About Us


What started out as a pet hobby with Netherland Dwarf & Holland Lop among a few friends begun spiraling out of control as we found ourselves intertwined in this beautiful journey-- one that we would like to share.

We call ourselves the Rabbit Headquarters (RHQ), a humble little shop of proud rabbit owners. What sets us apart from other is the strong belief that keeping our batches in small numbers but superior quality that goes well beyond commercialization. RHQ honors excellence in raising our rabbits by cultivating their temperament, and by caring for their health and well-being.

New Showroom in Jalan Limbok

Like many other dealers out there, RHQ started nurturing the first batch of rabbits acquired from online breeders and pet shops. But we came round to realize that a certain trait was missing in these rabbits- the sparkle. The group of us begun our quest in search of that little twinkle and eventually, ventured into the overseas markets in the United States. When the first batch of imported rabbits arrived, we knew we had found them.

Home to winning Holland Lop, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Rex and Lion head, our foundation lines can be traced back to reputable breeders from over the world. Our passion is well acknowledged when we clinched titles such as Double Best in Show in the 2012 1st ARBA Sanctioned Show and 2011 Best Of Breed Netherland Dwarf , Holland lop & Lion head . RHQ raises show quality rabbits who stand fiercely in the face of competitions, but gently under your affection.

With selectively hand-picked stocks and a sturdy line-breeding programme in place, you can be assured of a rabbit with an overall balance of superior quality and excellent temperament. We would love for rabbit enthusiasts to share and be part of our joy so do hop into our show room on weekends and public holidays!

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