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Sherwood Pet Health - Adult Rabbit Food (10 lbs)

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Sherwood Pet Health - Adult Rabbit Food (10 lbs)


Sherwood Pet Health promise you that by following the 3 steps to Healthier and Hoppier Rabbits you’ll see for yourself that your rabbit will be healthier because they will have:

Better Digestion: Their digestion will improve by reducing the incidents of mushy poops, uneaten ceacotropes and other signs that are associated with the risk of stasis.

Improved Urinary Health: It will decrease urine odor and the risk of sludge buildup.

Healthier Weight - less fat and more muscle: Your rabbit will burn off excess body fat while building and improving muscle tone. They will become more active and playful.

Softer Fur: Their fur will grow thicker and become more soft and plush than ever before (signifying better nutrition).

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein (min): 14.00%
Crude Fat (min): 5%
Crude Fibre (min): 24.00%, (max): 29.00%
Moisture (max): 10.00%
Calcium (min): 0.70%, (max) 1.20%
Phosphorus (min): 0.40%
Salt (min):0.25%, (max) 0.75%

Alfalfa hay, timothy hay, whole safflower, whole flax*, Monodicalcium phosphate, salt, choline chloride, essential amino acids, chelated minerals, B-vitamins, cobalt carbonate.

*We only use high quality cleaned whole ingredients and grind them fresh just prior to pelleting. Our custom blend of whole oil seeds, essential amino acids, and chelated minerals perfectly complements and balances the nutrients already naturally found in the food ingredients.