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Rosewood - Treat 'n' Gnaw Donuts (2pc)

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Rosewood - Treat 'N' Gnaw Donuts (2pc)


A pair of natural wood donuts blended with alfalfa and topped with carrot and a sprinkling of coconut. These fun toys help to wear teeth and satisfy a pet's need to gnaw, perfect for bunnies and guinea pigs who would chew all day long if they could! From the Rosewood Boredom Breaker range these donuts are as hard as solid wood but without the risk of splintering thus making them ideal edible enrichment toys.

Size of each donut approx 9cm diameter and just under 3cm thick, these come in packs of 2.

Vegetable starch, edible wood, alfalfa (16%), powdered carrot (13.3%), vegetable glycerin, rice starch, coconut (0.2%). Additives: technological