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Rosewood - Soft Protection Self-Clean Slicker Brush (Small)

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Rosewood - Soft Protection Self-Clean Slicker Brush (Small)


  • REMOVES MATTS & TANGLES: Our Soft Protection Self Clean Slicker efficiently removes matts, tangles, and loose pet hair, making it an essential grooming tool for pets with medium and long coats
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: This grooming slicker is designed with an ergonomic handle, ensuring comfortable and easy use, enhancing the grooming experience for both you and your pet.
  • REDUCES MOULTING: With regular use, the Self Clean Slicker helps reduce moulting, maintaining your pet's coat health and appearance
  • RETRACTABLE PINS: The Slicker features retractable pins, saving you valuable cleaning time by easily removing the collected hair with a simple push of a button


COMPACT SIZE: Measuring 4.5cm x 7.7cm x 15.5cm, this compact grooming tool is perfect for managing medium to long coats, keeping your pet's fur in optimal condition.