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Rosewood - Dandelion sticks 140g

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Rosewood - Dandelion sticks 140g


Boredom Breaker Naturals Dandelion Sticks are delicious, nutritious snacks that will keep your rabbit or rodent nibbling away for hours!

This double pack of delectable dandelion sticks are a real treat for your small pet. Each stick comes with a hanging hook to attach it to your pet’s enclosure. As a result making them work for their tasty treat—just as they would in the wild. But of course, they can be hand-fed to your pet too!

The sticks are hard-baked to provide your rabbit or rodent with days of nibbling enjoyment, and the hard texture should help to wear down your pet’s teeth naturally, preventing overgrowth and reducing visits to the vet.

Boredom Breaker Naturals Dandelion Sticks are not only delicious but also very healthy. For this reason it is the ideal treat for rabbits and rodents alike. This is because they are made without any artificial preservatives, colours, flavours or fillers. The result being just natural, wholesome, ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and bioflavonoids. Your pet will enjoy the taste of cereals, nuts, seeds, egg, and, of course, delicious dandelion!

So why not treat your rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, rats or hamsters to this healthy, tasty treat?


Cereals, seeds, nuts, eggs and egg products, dandelion (10%)