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Rabbit Hole Hay

Rabbit Hole Hay Ultra Premium Timothy Hay Cubes 200g

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Rabbit Hole Hay Ultra Premium Timothy Hay Cubes 200g

All Natural Timothy Hay Cubes use only the highest quality ingredients with no unnecessary fillers as your small pet's health and longevity are what's most important. We also never use potentially harmful products like corn, soy, or canola.

Features & Benefits

  • All Natural - Highest quality ingredients, no exceptions
  • High Fiber - Promotes digestive health.
  • No Harmful Fillers - Our hay cubes contain zero corn, soy, or canola which can not only be hard on their digestive systems but cause weight gain and intestinal blockages.
  • Perfect for Small Pets - Keep your rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas happy & healthy.


  • 100% Sun-Dried Timothy
  • Less than 1% Bentonite (as a binding agent)

Bentonite is known as an absorbent of pathogenic micro-organisms, enzymes and toxins which improves the growth and health of your small pet. 

*Does not contain Vitamin C.

    Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

    Crude Protein - 5% Max

    Fiber - ADF - 40% Max, NDF - 62% Max