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Rabbit Hole Hay

Rabbit Hole Hay - Soft Orchard Grass Hay 24oz

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Rabbit Hole Hay - Orchard Grass Hay 24oz

What is Ultra Premium Soft Orchard Grass?
Soft Orchard Grass is high in fiber and low in both protein and calcium. It is the softest type of hay we carry and makes a great alternative if you or your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla are allergic to Timothy Hay.

As your small pet gets older, softer feed may become more and more of a necessity. Yet, it’s important to make sure they have some coarse hay in the mix to help them continue to have good dental health, this is why we recommend mixing in some Timothy Hay into your Soft Orchard Grass.

Product Benefits:
- Fresh Hay - We hand-pack every box so you get fresh, green & fragrant hay with little to no dust.
- Allergy Friendly - Soft Orchard is a good substitute to Timothy Hay as it still holds key nutrients.
- High Fiber - Promotes digestive & dental health
- Perfect For Small Pets - Keep your rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas happy & healthy.
- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - We provide the finest hay with industry leading customer service.

Allergic to Timothy Hay?
Allergies, especially to Timothy Hay are common (you aren’t alone!). Soft Orchard Grass can be a wonderful alternative for you and your small pet while still getting them all the important nutrients they need. In our experience, people who are allergic to Timothy Hay are less allergic to our Soft Orchard Grass.

If you are feeding your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla exclusively Soft Orchard Grass we recommend you mentioning this to your vet so that they can keep an eye on their dental health. Chew toys, such as Apple Sticks, can be a solution to help wear down their teeth. We are dedicated to making sure your pets are happy, healthy, and well fed even when allergies are an issue.

Guaranteed Analysis
ADF FIBER > 34%, NDF >53%