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Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support 60 Tablets

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Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support 60 Tablets

Oxbow Natural Science Joint Support is designed to support the overall joint health of your fur kid.

This high-fiber supplement contains glucosamine to prevent cartilage degeneration, as well as turmeric and yucca for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Product Benefits:
- Supports joint health and prevents cartilage degeneration
- High in fiber
- Enriched with glucosamine, turmeric and yucca

Active Ingredients
Glucosamine 90 mg
Turmeric 22.5 mg
Ginger Root 18 mg
Yucca Schidigera Extract 9 mg

Inactive Ingredients
Timothy grass, barley flour, oat groat flour, cane molasses, flax seed meal, yeast culture (dehydrated), xanthan gum, algae (fat product), mixed tocopherols, rosemary extract

Feeding Guidelines:
Feeding Directions
Animal Weight Feeding Recommendation
Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Iguanas* 0-1 lb Feed 1/2 tab per day
1-4 lbs Feed 1 tab per day
4+ lbs Feed 2 tabs per day
Rats, Degus All Weights Feed 1/4 tab per day
Hamsters, Gerbils All Weights Feed 1/8 hay tab per day (1/8 tab equals 1/4th tsp of crumbled product)