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Natureland - Botanical Snacks with Herbs 150g

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Natureland - Summer Vegetables with Flowers 100g


Supplementary feed for rabbits and rodents. A mixture of selected vegetables and cereals with the addition of the nest herbs is the right choice for rabbits and small rodents. The contained herbs promote the immune system and proper digestion. Recommended feeding instructions: Serve several times a week as a supplement to the complete feed. Always ensure unrestricted access to fresh drinking water. Store in a cool, dry place,away from direct sunlight. Do not give wet, steamy or otherwise degraded feed! Not intended for human consumption.

Composition: dried beetroots 11%, wheat flakes 10%, oat flakes 10%, pea flakes 9.5%, dried carrots 8%, dried parsley 6%, maize puffed 5%, wheat puffed 5%, dried lucerne 5%, wheat 5%, extruded cornmeal 4%, carob 3%, maize flakes 3%, dried melissa 3%, dried dandelion 3%, dried echinacea 2.8%, dried peppermint 2%, extruded rice flour 2%, mountain meadow hay 1.2%, dried marigold blossoms 1%, dried red clover blossoms 0.5%.

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 12,6 %
Crude fat 2,6 %
Crude fiber 8,1 %
Crude ash 4,7 %