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Happypet Nature First Vegetable Snack Bar-45g

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Happy Pet Nature First Vegetable Snack Bar - 45g


The Vegetable Snack Bar is a natural, healthy, and nutritious snack that is formulated with a variety of vegetables that rabbits love. The bar is made from a blend of natural ingredients such as carrots, parsley, and peas, which provide essential vitamins and minerals that rabbits need for a healthy and balanced diet.

The Vegetable Snack Bar is an excellent source of these essential nutrients, and it can help rabbits maintain healthy teeth and gums, improve their digestive health, and boost their immune system.

Rabbits may love the Vegetable Snack Bar because it is made from natural ingredients that appeal to their taste buds. The vegetables in the bar are also crunchy, which can satisfy a rabbit’s natural desire to chew and gnaw on things.


 Made from all-natural ingredients; grass fines, mixed vegetables (beetroot, pumpkin, bell pepper), edible binder (vegan)

Ingredient analysis: protein 13%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 19%.

Store in a cool dry, and dark place.

This is a complementary pet food and should be served as a treat. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.