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Happypet Carrot Nibblers 6pcs

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Happypet Carrot Nibblers 6pcs


The Carrot Nibblers from the Critter's Choice range at Happy Pet, are great accessory toys to add to any small animal cage. The realistic look and design will entice your small animal to explore what the carrot nibblers are about. The Carrot Nibblers are safe and gentle for your small animal to gnaw on. The Carrpt nibblers are a great boredom breaker but will also help to keep your small animals teeth neat and trim.
Composition: wood + sisal

Benefit 1: Safe for gnawing
Benefit 2: Keeps small animals teeth neat and trim
Benefit 3: Lightwight so easy to grab and hold

Approx size: 8x3x3cm