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HappyPet Nature First Alfalfa Carrot Mini 3pcs

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Happypet Nature First Alfalfa Carrot Mini 3pcs



The Alfalfa Carrot Mini 3pcs small animal rabbit toy by Happy Pet is a set of three miniature carrot-shaped toys that are perfect for small pets like rabbits. Made with all-natural materials, including hay and alfalfa, these toys not only provide entertainment but also serve as a healthy snack for your pet.

Their small size makes them easy for your pet to hold and play with, and their crunchy texture helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong. Additionally, these toys are easy to clean and long-lasting, ensuring that they will provide your pet with hours of fun and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a set of small toys that are both entertaining and healthy for your pet, the Alfalfa Carrot Mini 3pcs is an excellent choice.



Made from all-natural ingredients; alfalfa

This is a complementary pet food and should be served as a treat. Always ensure fresh drinking water is available.