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Elmato Walnut Steps House

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$70.00 SGD

The Elmato Walnut step house with bark roof makes the heart of your little friend beat faster.

Whether for guinea pigs or rabbits, this house embellishes any small animal cage and offers its resident a lot of climbing fun thanks to a stepped roof, additional floor area and wonderful retreat and sleeping possibilities in the lower house. Since the step staircase is integrated into the rodent shelter, you save valuable space in the cage.

The complete natural house can be nibbled without hesitation, which promotes the natural gnawing behaviour and the important tooth abrasion.


  • Dimensions: 42x22x23cm
  • 2 lower steps: 10x22cm
  • Top step: 23x22cm
  • Entrance door: 12x15cm
  • Bark roof
  • No floor, easy cleaning, hygienic
  • Additional floors in the cage
  • Made in Germany