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Elmato Corner Rodent House with Stairs 39x28x26cm

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$105.00 SGD

Rodents like to sleep in a shelter. These can be holes, nests or hollows. Such environments provide shelter and safety for rest and body temperature regulation.

​Elmato's corner house is tailored exactly to the animals' wishes and can be optimally positioned in the corners of the cage. Like all our Softline products, the handmade rodent house impresses with its curved and rounded shape.

In addition, the stable construction enables a second floor, which can be used as a lying area or feeding place. The animals can easily reach the upper floor via the attached stairs.

The incorporated grooves ensure that the animals cannot slip and find a secure hold.

  • Dimensions: 39x28x26cm
  • Curved shape, rounded edges
  • No floor, easy cleaning, hygienic
  • Ideal for guinea pigs, chinchillas, rabbits
  • Made in Germany