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Wild Sanko

Wild Sanko Rabbit Urine Cleaning Spray 250ml

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Wild Sanko Rabbit Urine Cleaning Spray 250ml


Remove stubborn urine stones (especially rabbits) effectively!
Spray on stubborn urine stones and after 5 to 10 minutes simply remove with water.

It is a very popular urine stone remover since its release. In particular, rabbits have a lot of calcium and are likely to stick.
Even if it is washed and cleaned every day, it gradually accumulates and grows into stubborn dirt if you notice it.
Can also be used for urine stones of other small animals.

■ Main component
・ Organic acid (sulfamic acid, malic acid, etc.)
・ Anionic surfactant
・ Nonionic surfactant

pH (stock solution) 1 ± 0.5