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Cdvet - RodentVital 50ml

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RodentVital 50ml

Feeding-related support of liver and kidney function, liquid
RodentVital is a liquid complementary feed contains herbs, fruit- and vegetable-extracts, which are particularly important for nutritional support of the detoxification organs (liver and kidney) and the digestive tract. An optimal condition of detoxification- and digestion organs is the most important precondition for all metabolism processes and situation of skin and hairs.

Made in the Germany

Fruit vinegar, elderberry juice, beetroot juice, dextrose, fermented cereal liquid, nettle extract, ribwort extract, acerola

Additives per kg:
Preservative: Lactic acid E270 10000mg. Sensory additives: ginkgo tincture 5300mg, artichoke tincture 2200mg.
Analytical constituents and levels:
Crude protein 0.3%, crude fibre 0.5%, crude ash 0.4%, crude oils and fats 0.2%, Humidity 93%.

Add 3-7 ml per litre drinking water or 20 drops per 100 ml drinking water daily for at least 6 weeks.