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Clearance : Cdvet - Rodent BreathMix 150g (Exp : Dec 2024)

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Rodent BreathMix 150g

For the appropriate feeding of respiratory-sensitive animals. Intermittent feeding to strengthen resistance, structural herbs
For nutritional support of the bronchial function. Rodent BreathMix is ​​a complementary feed for small animals and contains the bronchial herbs missing in the usual food. These fine nutrients have been proven to be suitable for feeding animals sensitive to respiratory tract for years. Vitamins and flavonoids, which are derived from purely natural sources, support the self-healing powers of the body and improve the well-being of the animal. Rodent BreathMix also supports the cardiovascular system due to the contained hawthorn.

Made in the Germany

Hawthorn, nettle, pine needles, thyme, liquorice root, birch leaf.

Analytical constituents and levels:
Crude protein 9.4%, crude  fat 2.5%, crude fibre 27.2%, crude ash 6.2%, calcium 1.17%, phosphorus 0.21%.

Add one pinch to the feed per animal daily.