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Cdvet - Bio-HerbsGreen Pellets 400g

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Bio-HerbsGreen Pellets 400g

The treat in bio-quality for a healthy and daily reward
As a healthy alternative to the often offered rolls / bread. Free of corn starch, additives and dyes, they consist of 13 different herbs and grasses and young Jerusalem artichoke herb from organic farming to organic guidelines. The large chunks form offer organic herbs green pellets an excellent opportunity to pursue the natural nibble need and optimally abrade the teeth. Incidentally your beloved rodents get a high-quality raw fiber supplement to their daily feed.
Tip of an expert: To prop up your rodents after illness or surgery again, we recommend organic herbs green pellets in warm water soak and MicroMineral submerge. Thus you supply your pet with all the essential nutrients. Even soaked used in rabbits with dental problems.

Made in the Germany

Grass-, herbs- and legume plants pressed and dried. Eco-inspection point DE-ÖKO-001 not German agriculture.

Daily domestic rabbits 3-5 pellets, large rabbit: 5-10 pellets (fattening rabbits twice the amount), Chinchillas 1-2 pellets, guinea pigs 3-5 pellets. Feeding recommendation as hay replacement: pellets at leisure.