What is a Show Quality Rabbit?

It is a fancy range of rabbit that has distinct yet aesthetically enchanting appearance. These Rabbits meets the minimum standards define in the ARBAs (American rabbit breeder Association) Standard of perfection for the individual breeds.

The rabbits are then judge according to the precise requirements mentioned in the Standard of perfection with the closest winning the honors. Don’t be mistaken that show quality rabbits are only for serious hobbyist , they do great as a domestic pet for family with kids due to the selective breeding (standards as well as temperament) programme which passes down the desirable traits as well as sweet and docile temperament.

Refer to the below for more about the standards of the 2 Popular winning breeds of ours.

Definitely the most well loved and and popular breed around, the Netherland Dwarf is the smallest breed among all weighing around 1kg. This breed is identified by their very compact and round features. They are usually very playful, curious and often seeking out for human companionship.

General Type
The body is to be compact and short, and well rounded. The shoulders are to be deep and wide. The shoulders and hindquarters are to be of equal width, showing no taper. The dept and width of body shall balance. The top line is to show that the depth of the shoulders is carried through to a deep well rounded and well filled hindquarters. The legs are to be short in length and medium to medium-heavy bone. The head is to be large and of a size to balance with the body. It should be round when viewed from any direction, set high on the shoulder and as close on the body possible. The ears are to be short, well set high on the head, erect, well furred and thick. The ears should be rounded at the sips with a ideal length of 2 inches.

Size "Dwarf size, not over 2.5 pounds Temperament: Docile and Energetic, good interactive Animal.


The smallest breed in the lop ear family; it is a cross between the French lop and Netherland dwarf after generations of fine tuning of breeding. This breed is identified by the stocky and muscular appearance and short thick legs. The Holland lop is definitely one of the firm favourites around for their puppy - like appearance and also the sweet and lazy temperament.

General Type
The body is to be short, massive and thick set, the top-line should start behind the head and carry to a hindquarter of equal depth. When viewed from the front, the chest should be broad, exhibiting width between front legs. The shoulders should be short with depth nearly equal to width, but not exceeding width of hindquarters. The hindquarter should be broad, deep and well-rounded with dept to approximate width. The animal is to be well muscled. A small, simple dewlap is permitted in does. The head is to be massive in appearance; cheeks should be full and round. The ears should hang close to the cheeks from a strongly defined and properly positioned crown. The ears should be thick, wide, well-rounded at the tips, and well furred. The ears should position just behind the eyes.

Size "Medium size, not over 4 pounds Temperament: Sweet, lazy & lap dog alike.