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Rosewood - Treat 'N' Gnaw Bunny Buns (2pc)

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Rosewood - Treat 'N' Gnaw Donuts (2pc)


Not just for bunnies! Our great 2-in-1 gnaw and treat challenge is made from natural wood, blended with alfalfa and other vegetable-based ingredients, pressed into a fun shape. The Buns are then filled with a tasty treat mixture naturally flavoured with apple, carrot and fenugreek. The two Buns are each 8cm in dia and 4cm high and can be used in two ways: place them flat side down and the pet has to gnaw at the holes to get to the filling, or use the other way around and they roll and wobble! Ideal boredom breaker for Guinea pigs, hamsters, degus, chinchillas and gerbils - as well as rabbits!

Outer shell - alfalfa (35.5%), vegetable starch, edible wood, vegetable glycerin Filling - wheat, modified vegetable starch, buckwheat, oat groats, maltose syrup, dried carrot (3.4%), vegetable glycerin, flax seed, corn oil, dried apple (1.4%), fenugreek (.7%) Additives: technological