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Rosewood Naturals Luxury Flower, Fruit & Veg Bars (7pc) 80g

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These 7 Day Bars have been created to appeal to pet owners looking for a healthier, more luxurious alternative to large sticks, with easier portion control. Each pack has 7 different toppings. The Luxury Flower, Fruit & Veg Bars feature rose, apple, marigold, cornflower, mint & fenugreek, hibiscus and carrot toppings.

Each bar is 100% natural and has no added sugar or glues. They are made with an oat, pea flake and herb base.

Key Benefits :

  • Luxurious & healthy. 7 exciting toppings.

  • 100% natural ingredients. No added sugar or glues.

  • Easy to portion control. One bar for each day of the week.

  • Great for dental health.

  • Stimulates the mind.

Ingredients : Dandelion (16%), Oats (14.2%), Vegetable Starch, Pea Flakes (11.4%), Dried Carrot (8.2%), Parsley (5.7%), Hibiscus (5.3%), Rose Blossoms (5.3%), Marigold (5.3%), Dried Apple (4.7%), Cornflower Petals (3.5%), Peppermint (1.8%), Powdered Fenugreek (1.8%), Vegetable Oil.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 10.8%, Crude Fat 4.4%, Crude Fibre 7.6%, Crude Ash 6.1%.