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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Train the Brain; Roll

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JR Farm - Train the Brain; Roll

Natural toy made of hardwood for rodents, which promotes intelligence.Place some "JR Grainless Drops" in the screw-together wooden roll and screw it shut again. Let your animal play with it. It will immediately try to get as many drops out as possible by moving it. Contains a bag of «JR Grainless Mixed Drops 40g»

peas, carrots 11.2%, starch, parsley 4%, dandelion 3.5%, beetroots 2.5%, ribwort, timothy grass, nettle, cocksfoot, smooth stalk meadow grass, oat herb, red clover, meadow fescue 0.6%, ladies mantel 0.6;

Analytical constituents
protein 16.3%, fat content 4.9%, crude fibre 9.3%, crude ash 4.8%