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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Meadow with Dandelion Burrow 750g

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JR Farm - Meadow with Dandelion Burrow 750g

A real piece of meadow for all rodents! Exploring, digging and gnawing how it is only possible outdoors. A fragrant herbmeadow with tasty dandelion for a particularly natural activity and species-appropriate feeding. The herbmeadow can be put into the rodents' home as a whole. The green part of the plants is rich in natural crude fi bre, the roots support tooth abrasion and together with the adhering soil provide the animal with additional minerals. More nature isn't possible!

Whole plants from wild flowers, herbs and grasses (et al dandelion, ribwort, daisies, red clover, common plantain, chamomile and chickweed), dandelion 0.3%

Feeding recommendation
Replace as required.