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JR Farm

JR Farm - Hay Cube with Flowers

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JR Farm - Hay Cube with Flowers

The natural hay box, filled with aromatic meadow hay and fragrant flowers for the added value of important crude fibre.

The hay cube offers dwarf rabbits and small animals a feeding place and play den in one. The filling made from aromatic mountain hay has a high crude fibre content, thus providing herbivorous pets with important nutrients and supporting the physiological tooth abrasion of their lifelong growing teeth when nibbling. Enriched with fragrant marigold blossoms, the hay also has a slightly anti-inflammatory effect. By using only natural raw materials, the whole hay cube is fully edible.

mountain meadow hay 41%, natural fi ber, starch, marigold blossoms 1%

Analytical constituents
Protein 7,3%, Fettgehalt 2%, Rohfaser 26%, Rohasche 8,3%, Calcium 13845 mg/kg, Phosphor 1461 mg/kg, Natrium 765 mg/kg;

Feeding recommendation
Replace as required. Only use under supervision.

Product Dimensions:
Size: 19 x 19 x 19 cm. Weight 450g