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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Hay Cake with Vegetables 75g

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JR Farm - Hay Cake with Vegetables 75g

The cereal-free Hay-Cake adds a welcome variety to the small animal home and is both a tasty treat and a feast for the eyes for all herbivorous pets at the same time! Their base consists of fragrant, dried herbs and hay from our own cultivation, the decoration is made of crunchy carrots and peas. Made of 100 % natural material, the Hay-Cake is fully edible.

Carrots and peas not only serve as an attractive coating, they also provide the animals with valuable vitamins and nutrients and support the digestive organs. Gently dried mountain hay is the basis for a healthy diet for all herbivorous small animals. The high crude fibre content also promotes the important tooth abrasion in small animals and dwarf rabbits.

mountain meadow hay 83.4%, carrots 8.3%, peas 8.3%

Analytical constituents
protein 9.7%, fat content 2.0%, crude fibre 38.4%, crude ash 5.2%, calcium 3029 mg/kg, phosphorus 1895 mg/kg, sodium 788 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation
Intented as a snack.