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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Back to Instinct Nature Active Tree

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JR Farm - Back to Instinct Nature Active Tree

"Rouse your animal's primal instincts." Out in nature small animals have to search for their food themselves. Engage your animal with the independent search for food at home and train your animal's sense of smell at the same time. This activity is not only conducive for your pet's balance and supports stress reduction, but you will have fun to watch your animal as well. Thanks to it's readymade drilled holes the Active-Tree offers numerous food searching options and is perfectly suitable for gnawing with its natural birch trunk.

Of course you can use any of your pet's favourite dried snacks as an alternative to the enclosed treats. Your pet can keep itself busy with the JR FARM „Back to Instinct" Nature Active-Tree unattended and on it's own. Simply tighten the screw which is attached to the trunk until it's safely fixated to the plate with the wing nut.

- JR FARM "Back to Instinct" Nature Active-Tree (Natural birch trunk, with small felt pads)
- JR FARM Wicker Apple Ball 15g
- JR FARM Fennel Sticks 15g
- JR FARM Grainless Crunchy Bears 30g

Product Dimensions:
height 58 cm; solid plate 38x38 cm