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Hugro Meadow Flower Potpourri 200g

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Hugro Meadow Flower Potpourri 200g

HUGRO Meadow Flower Potpourri is a supplementary feed for rodents and dwarf rabbits.

✅ aromatic flowers and healthy herbs

✅ Horsetail is ideally suited to support natural tooth abrasion

✅Daisies contain a lot of vitamin C

✅Wegerauke is considered healing for the respiratory tract

✅Yarrow blossoms and dandelion blossoms and leaves round off the healthy mixture

Composition: Daisies, dandelion flowers and leaves, yarrow flowers, rocket and horsetail.

Feeding recommendation: Offer to nibble in addition to the main food.

Storage : Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight!