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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Vital Blocks Airway 300g

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JR Farm - Vital Blocks Airway


The grain-free diet with the extra portion of health. The Grainless Health Vital-Blocks, with the extra of hay rich in crude fibre and the plus of selected medicinal herbs, contribute to a balanced diet and the preservation of health in small animals and dwarf rabbits.

Camomile, peppermint, echinacea and sage, as well as elderberries containing vitamin C, stimulate the formation of an intact immune system, soothe irritated nasal and throat mucous membranes and can thus facilitate breathing.

The high proportion of crude fibre also supports the abrasion of the teeth, which grow throughout the small animal's life.



the plant life which grows on the permanent pastures of the Alpine foothills 89.6%, chamomile petals 3%, peppermint 2%, echinacea, elder berries 2%, sage 1%, linseed, black cumin seed, fennel seed

Analytical constituents

protein 12.7%, fat content 3.2%, crude fibre 24%, crude ash 7.5%, calcium 5025 mg/ kg, phosphorus 2470 mg/kg, sodium 1120 mg/kg

Feeding recommendation

Intended as a snack. Grainless Health is not a substitute for treatment by a veterinary surgeon.