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JR Farm

Clearance : JR Farm - Herb Pendulum

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JR Farm - Herb Pendulum


The natural herb-pendulum, filled with fragrant hay and tasty marigold, can be hung up anywhere in the home using the included paper band. The pre-punched holes in the gras carton can be easily taken out. This promotes movement and dexterity of the pets during their food intake. The herb-pendulum consists of natural materials and is therefore completely edible.

The herb-pendulum provides small animals and dwarf rabbits with the extra of crude fibre which, when nibbled, supports tooth abrasion of the lifelong growing teeth.

The herbs provide important nutrients, stimulate digestion and fur growth and help the animals to become more cool through calming herbs. The pendulum can be refilled and its gras carton exterior makes it suitable for complete consumption.



lignocellulose 21.6%, oat plant, parsley, lucerne, mountain meadow hay 10.6%, wheat plant, nettle, melissa, dandelion, peppermint, chamomile;

Analytical constituents

protein 10.6%, fat content 1.9%, crude fibre 31.6%, crude ash 11.2%, calcium 18638 mg/kg, phosphorus 1617 mg/kg, sodium 553 mg/kg;

Feeding recommendation

Replace as required.